Deployment / Staging Settings

For central administrative applications

Currently 4 different environment settings are available to support the staging of applications in the development cycle. The objective of the setup is ensure that new/modified application systems are deployed with vigorous quality control and in a smooth, consistent, and systematic manner.

The 4 environment settings are:

  • Development environment - for use by ISO developers, for system development and unit/module testing
  • Testing environment - used by ISO developers (typically project leaders) for integrated system testing
  • User Acceptance environment - for use by users (typically owner departments) for acceptance (both functional and volume) testing
  • Production environment - for production use

Each environment will have its own set of databases, application programs, equipment and related system/utility software. The aim is for each environment to operate as independently of each other as is economically possible, so that system changes, modifications, upgrades, etc. will not affect the other environment settings.

A set of control procedures is also in place to sign off, approve, and stage the movement of applications across the environment settings.