Control Procedures for Movement of Applications

New releases / versions of administrative application systems will be moved from one staging environment to the next upon completion of a "stage" of development/testing in the delivery cycle.

There are 3 basic requirements at each stage of the "movement" process:

  • provide necessary backup for recovery,
  • provide necessary change control for the movement,
  • provide necessary checking to ensure the correctness of data definition and programs.

In order to ensure that the "movement" is carried out smoothly, safely, consistently, and with systematic control, the movement process is automated wherever possible. A Project Control System is used to control and monitor the movement processes. Only authorized persons can initiate the movement process.

Typically, the following sequence of steps is followed:

The Project Leader will

  • complete a change/movement request, with all the required information about the new version/release (e.g. modification made, new function description, data definition changes etc.), and
  • release the movement request, upon which an email will be sent to the DBA advising him/her that there may be database modifications.

The DBA, upon receiving the notification, will

  • review the movement request, and
  • complete the necessary data definition maintenance (if required), and
  • advise the Project Leader as appropriate when done.

The Project Leader will

  • review the database modifications (if any) made by the DBA to ensure correctness, and
  • request the appropriate Manager to submit the movement request.

The concerned Manager will

  • review the changes described by the Project Leader on the movement request, and
  • submit the movement request to be executed at specified time.

The Migration Team staff will carry out the following tasks:

  • move program source and executable from source to destination, and
  • recompile all data definition & programs on destination environment to ensure correctness, and
  • backup all the program sources to tape for recovery.