Getting Access

Access to the university's administrative systems will normally be authorized for university members only, and for those who have a need to do so.

Access to the administrative systems/services is normally done via the HKUST Administrative Intranet. Where required by security requirements, concerned systems / services are password protected.

Details about access authorization are outlined below.

Register for the Administrative Intranet for Staff

Eligible university staff who wish to access the HKUST Administrative Intranet will have to register themselves for a secure mode of connection by enrolling for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) with their ITSC Network account and password.

Note that it may be necessary to obtain further authorization from specific custodian administrative office(s) in order to carry out some specific administrative functions on the intranet.

Some administrative services will require proper association of your ITSC Network/Email account with your staff record.

Access to the Administrative Intranet for Staff

Access to administrative systems / services in "My Workplace" and under "Connect to Administrative Systems"

On the Administrative Intranet, administrative applications/services are grouped under the section "My Workplace" and "Connect to Administrative Systems". Access to the administrative intranet does not automatically authorize a person to access or operate the various administrative applications/services. Access to each such application/service (e.g. admission, student records, budget enquiry, purchasing) will have to be requested and authorized separately by the respective custodian offices. Normally, endorsement of the department head is required.

Using the same Account Name / Password pair, a person can access any one or several applications to which he/she is entitled. The list of authorized applications for each person is automatically registered in the system when authorization is done by the respective custodian office(s).

Access to personal administrative services in "My Personal Corner"

"My Personal Corner" on the Administrative Intranet offers information/services which are of varying degrees of sensitivity, ranging from electronic service request forms to personal administrative data/activities.

Some of the services are available to every faculty/staff who can access the intranet. There are also personal administrative data/activities can only be accessed by the individual himself/herself using his/her password.

Access to the Administrative Intranet for Students

Information / services offered in the student administrative intranet are available to HKUST students. Such information/services are grouped under two security / access levels:

  • General information / services (e.g. Class Schedule / Quota Enquiry) are available to every student who can access the intranet.
  • Secured administrative data / services (e.g. Course enrolment, Manage My HKUST Card) will require the student to login with his/her ITSC Network Account and password.

All data / activities processed with the login will only relate to and/or affect the records of the holder of the account.