Administrative Systems for Custodian Office(s)

Custodian Office(s) Administrative Systems / Functions
Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions Office (URAO)

All functions related to Undergraduate student recruitment and admissions, including

  • Direct and international admission
  • JEE
  • Others
Postgraduate Students Office (PGSO)

All functions related to Postgraduate student outreach and admissions, including

  • Application and admission processing
  • UGC PhD Fellowship scheme
Academic Records and Registration Office (ARRO)

All student and academic related records and related processing systems, including

  • Curriculum and program requirements
  • Student personal and academic records
  • Student registration and class enrollment
  • Charges generation and processing
  • Class and exam timetabling
  • Grade reporting
  • Student advising, academic performance
  • Graduation processing
  • Classroom booking
  • Student ID cards, transcripts, certificates
  • Student Center and other student information dissemination services
Postgraduate Students Office (PGSO)

Functions related to postgraduate student administration, including

  • Research progress reporting and tracking
  • Publication reporting
  • PG professional development courses
  • RPg funding analysis
Student Affairs Office (SAO)

Student services with respect to

  • Healthy life style education
  • Storage locker rental for students
  • Sports facilities and student amenities booking
  • Career and counseling
Campus Services Office (CSO)

Student services with respect to

  • Text book services
  • Graduation support services
Scholarship and Financial Aid Office (SFAO)

Student services with respect to

  • Scholarship
  • Financial Aid
Student Housing and Residential Life Office (SHRL)

Student services with respect to

  • Hall application and processing
  • Resident administration/management
  • Air cond and washing machine service
  • Residential item loan and tracking
  • Hall charges generation and tracking
Payroll Finance Office (FO)

All financial related processing functions, including

  • General ledger, accounting, budgeting, allocation, and budgetary control, cost projection
  • Budget requisition processing
  • Payments
  • Financial records related to research projects
  • Studentship/scholarship disbursement
  • Student financials (tuition and other charges)
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Asset tracking and management
  • Financial information dissemination and reporting
Purchasing Office (PurO)

All purchasing related functions, including

  • Tendering and quotation administration
  • Vendor and commodity
  • eProcurement
  • Purchase order processing and issuance
  • Order receiving
Human Resources Office (HRO)

All human resources related functions, including

  • Staff recruitment, job application and processing, appointments
  • Staff personal records
  • Benefits, compensations, salary administration
  • Employment contracts, records, and history
  • HKUST Card
Facility Management Office (FMO)

Facility management supporting functions with respect to

  • General defect and lab defect reporting
  • Work order processing (Maximo)
  • Inventory/store functions (furniture and consumable items)
  • Staff attendance records and reporting
  • Contractor/worker ID card issuance
Health, Safety, and Environment Office (HSEO)

All safety and environment related functions, including

  • Hazardous material and chemical inventory administration
  • Chemical exchange programme
  • Chemical/radioactive waste reporting and collection
Development and Alumni Office (DAO)

Functions related to voting of alumni representatives

  • Alumni voting system


All other systems / functions not included above, Information Systems Office (ISO) will route queries / requests to the appropriate administrative office(s).