Information Systems Steering Committee

Reporting to the Group of President and Vice Presidents, the Information Systems Steering Committee (ISSC) shall be responsible for setting the overall strategy and direction of all non-academic information systems (Administrative Systems) of the University.

In this context, ISSC will be responsible for:

  • approving the non-academic Information Systems Strategy;
  • receiving and assessing all requests for major information systems development and enhancement, and determining the priorities, timing and resources requirements;
  • planning and acquiring funding for essential resources where necessary to support the information systems projects and enhancements;
  • reviewing and monitoring the status of information system projects in progress;
  • reviewing issues related to information systems matters, including system and data policies, business processes, change requests and functional responsibilities;
  • appointing taskforce and working group to review and make recommendations on issues as appropriate, and co-opting additional members as necessary;
  • reporting regularly to the President through the University Administrative Committee (UAC).


The ISSC will compose of the following membership. It is anticipated that additional members will be co-opted as necessary over time.

Mr. Derry Fong (Chairman)
Director of Information Systems Office

Ms. Annie Au (Secretary)
Associate Director of Information Systems Office (Secretary)

Prof. Kar Yan Tam
Dean of the School of Business and Management

Dr. Samuel Kwan
Director, Information Technology Services Center

Ms. Alice Wong​
Director, Finance Office

Ms. Catherine Leung
Head (Research Administration), Research Office

Mr. Tony Lau
Head (System and Process), Academic Registry

Ms. Grace Tan
Senior Human Resources Manager (Systems), Human Resources Office

Prof. Dekai Wu
Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Ms. Joyce Leung
School Administrator, Office of Dean of Engineering