4th Oct 2016 : Training on FMS Upgrade & Procure to Pay Enhancements

Following VP-AB's message of 18 Aug 2016 about the administrative process & system enhancement, we are pleased to announce that an upgraded eProcurement System with enhanced features will be launched in October 2016. It aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the procurement process without duplication of data handling and reconciliation. With transactions input at source and approve online, it not only enables tracing and approval of the purchase requests more efficiently but also eliminates the use of paper form for a more sustainable environment. Enhancement of the eProcurement System is the first initiative among the others like expansion of purchase card usage, term contract and call off.


  • Usage on eProcurement
  • Review DPO & PO Requisition Process
  • FMS Upgrade
  • eProcurement enhanced functions
  • Authentication & Authorization Setting
  • Goods Receiving
  • Requisition & Receiving Enquiry
04 Oct 2016FMS-01 - Briefing
06 Oct 2016FMS-02 - Briefing
12 Oct 2016FMS-03 - Briefing
14 Oct 2016FMS-04 - Briefing

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