- Launching Online Submission of Notice of Intention to Take Thesis Examination
- Online step-by-step processes from endorsement till final approval, by Supervisors, PG Coordinators / Associate Program Director, Department Heads, Program Directors, and PGSO.

Launching new Course Proposal module and Umbrella Sub-section module

- e-Procurement enhancements to add new functions to improve the efficiency and better control (e.g. Requisition attachment function and new button to display proper budget controller for approval)
- System Upgrade on FMS (Financial & e-Procurement) to improve the performance and usability and stability
- 4 training sessions are conducted in Oct for Department & Back Office staffs about these 2 projects

- System enhanced to link with the new Alumni Administration System
- Graduate on-line functions enhanced to provide more flexible package delivery options
- Administrative functions enhanced to smoothen the package delivery processes.

- Workforce Administration
- Enhancements on operational functions

- Recruitment Services
- New function to email job opening to friends and other operational functions enhancements.

Launching the PG Admission System for 2017-18 Entry with enhancement on application forms and administration functions.

- System enhanced to handle the Individualized Interdisciplinary Major.
- New function for administrators to generate the Diploma Title.

Launching the UG Admission System for 2017-18 Entry with enhancements on the application form for Direct Entry and application administration functions.

- System enhanced to allow uploading of book sales history and show it in various related pages.
- More flexible in selecting different semesters for administrative processes.


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