A new advising platform that integrates with our Student Information System to offer advisement appointment booking, and advice on course pre-enrollment as well as major declaration

PACOS upgraded to a more stable and scalable platform that accommodates the growing needs of our students at the Engineering School

A bot that automated the calculation of travel time between HKUST and home of students in their Hall residency applications

A system designed for automating the handling of credit transfer for students with Exchange and overseas learning experience

A redesigned AP invoice capturing process that significantly improved the invoice completion rate

A new electronic form to handle tender recommendation in a streamlined manner 

A new channel to access policy related documents in our web portal

Meeting management system that provided better experiences on meeting invitations and meeting materials upload / download

Online Leave Application platform now supports sick leave applications. To also streamline our approval process, users can upload supporting document such as medical certificates.

Warehoused basic class information for authorized users to develop their own analytic reports using QlikSense templates


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