Launching the PG Admission System for 2019-20 Entry with enhancement on application forms and administration functions.

Soft launch of the system and its supporting system to all central units and Schools

Graduation and Academic Advisement Services - new function for students to submit Course Swapping request with workflow approval and fully integrated with Student Information System

System enhanced for handling the HKUST-Minerva Scholars Program

- Full launch of Credit Transfer System to all students to apply credit transfer on-line.
- Online step-by-step processes from Program Office Endorsement, Late Submission Approval, Application Check, Review and Final Approval.

- System enhanced to implement no-show policy and event registration control to students.
- Administrative functions enhanced to smoothen the process including enrollment upload, event participant enquiry etc.

Enhanced the “Academic Advisement Report” to allow student to view the required single-count units of the enrolled Other Major and Minor programs for graduation.

Enhancements of “Online Program Registration” functions for 2018-19 Fall.

- Launch the system to department/school staff on approval of Course Equivalence Database.
- Pilot launch of online application for credit transfer to students.

Launch of new module "Email Notifications to Students" to school administrators.


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