Please read the following carefully before departing for Hong Kong


Arrival by Plane

If you arrive at the HK International Airport by flight in the morning, you are required to proceed to the Temporary Specimen Collection Centre (TSCC) of the Department of Health set up at the restricted area of the Airport to wait for the test result after collecting your deep throat saliva sample there. If the test result is negative, you will be allowed to leave the TSCC and proceed with the immigration procedures and collect your baggage.


On the other hand, if you arrive in the afternoon or at night, after collecting your deep throat saliva sample at TSCC, you may proceed with immigration procedures and will then be transferred to the Holding Center for Test Result by hotel coaches arranged by the Department of Health as your test result will not be released on the same day. Kindly note that the quarantine arrangement is subject to change by relevant government department. You may wish to click here to learn the most updated and detailed one. From now on, no matter you depart from either airport or the Holding Center of the Department of Health, you need to arrange transport to the University designated facilities on your own.


Arrival by other Ports

If you travel by train, ship or other vehicle, you need to arrange transport to the designated facilities on your own.



Upon your arrival at the designated facilities, you will be required to follow the regulations stipulated by the operators. 

L'hotel Island South

Rules &  Conditions To follow During the stay  

• Guest has to fill in the health questionnaire and pass to our staff upon check-in

• Please also provide passport details as well (date of birth and Passport number) on arrival for smooth check in

• Guests are required to measure body temperature on arrival and during their stay on daily basis. If guests are detected with fever upon arrival, no check-in will be arranged

• Guest should keep the bathroom exhaust fan on all the time

• No change of rooms except room related problems

• Guests are advised to keep the room clean using the cleaning detergents and disinfectants following the procedures given. 

• If guest feeling unwell during their stay, please contact Guest Services Manager at once

• Guest should stay in the room all the time

• If guest’s temperature is abnormal during the stay, the hotel has the right to ask the guest to checkout, the hotel will charge the room rate for the rest of the day. 

• No usage of gym 

• Guest cannot dine in the restaurant 


Conference Lodge

Please click here to view the related information.



If you stay in Conference Lodge or Tower C, we will provide food delivery daily.  You may place your order online following the schedule below:


Breakfast: 18:00 - 06:00 (next day)

Lunch: 18:00 - 11:00 (next day)

Dinner: 18:00 - 16:30 (next day)


The menu will be updated daily to meet your need.


For those who stay in L'hotel Island South, the hotel will provide 3 set meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) daily at a fixed price HKD1,400 for the whole quarantine. It will be collected upon check-in.


Essential Supplies

The campus supermarket will provide delivery service on Monday, Wednesday & Friday weekly.  You will be provided password to access the order platform upon your arrival at Conference Lodge and Tower C.