Student Service Systems

The University offers a wide variety of services to its students, most with computer-based support in one form or another. Major areas where comprehensive systems have been developed to provide support are:

Hall Management System (HMS)

The system includes an extensive set of functions that support:

  • application (by students over the internet) for on-campus residence
  • review and award of hall places / duration
  • assignment of rooms
  • residence management functions including check-in, check-out, and transfers
  • billing and payment of hall charges a variety of supporting reports and functions

On charges and payment related processes, the system interfaces with the Student Financials module of the PeopleSoft Campus Solution package.

Storage Locker Rental System

Allows the browsing of storage lockers available and the rental and payment by students. Includes functions for administration of such service.

Healthy Lifestyle Course System

The system Facilities to set up physical education and related program/activities for enrolment by students and to track student progress.

Facilities Booking System (FBS)

The FBS supports web-based support for booking of sports facilities, equipment, and student amenities by individual students and by student societies.

Textbook Services

Collection of web functions for the specification of textbooks associated with courses (by faculty) and the searching/information by students.

Graduation Services System (GSS)

The GSS is part of a series of systems / functions that supports graduation-related activities.

The web-based functions allow graduates to specify their choice of gowns and hoods for the graduation ceremony; check out (and return) the garments, as well as order souvenir, class photos, etc. The system will also calculate charges; record payments and deposits; determine refunds, and generate transaction registers and order records.

Transcript / Record of Study Request

A set of functions for students to request and pay for and for administrators to track and deliver such request.

HKUST Card Services for students

The system provides a set of function to accept and stores photo images of students and generates smartcards based ID cards along with associated bar-codes for identifying the individuals and for access to various services including Library, sports facilities, etc.

Air Cond and Laundry Payments Services

Collection of services provided at specialized devices or via the web for students to charge up their HKUST Card for use of air conditioning and laundry services at the student hostels.

Student Union Membership Services

A set of web / smartcard based function to assist the Student Union in determining and tracking membership and status.

Study Visa/Entry Permits Administration Systems

A set of functions to assist newly admitted students to apply for their study Visas.

Alumni Voting System

This system provides a set of functions to support online voting for the Convocation cabinet.